Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'll Take A Big Macau and a Grandy Flappichino

My post of pointless websites the other day brought a slew of emails (OK, two. From the same person.) linking to sites showing bad translations from China.

Japan has its share of awful translations and, while there are already two sites dedicated to documenting them (Engrish and Engrish Funny), I really need to get a few of my better Engrish pictures online.

Still, China does have Japan beat in one area:

Fake brand-named stores.

(images via Boing Boing, text via
"China has confirmed itself as the 'king of counterfeiters' with the building of a new shopping centre dedicated to fake brands.

Some of the brand impostors at the mall in Nanjing, east of Shanghai, include a McDonalds look-a-like burger bar called McDnoald’s, a Starbucks-style coffee shop called Bucksstar Coffee, and a wannabe Pizza Hut called Pizza Huh."
The big question is, does "Pizza Huh" serve the ultimate "huh?" pizza: The Double Roll?

Mmm... cheesy, honey maple syrup crust...

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