Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Power of David Allen Compels You

Forgive Me David Allen, For I Have Sinned

It's been several months since my last weekly review.

Why, it seems like only yesterday when I first stumbled upon your book Getting Things Done. I immediately went out and got me an inbox.  And a labeler.  And boxes and boxes of folders. many folders...

And right up until around September, I was doing so well. Look, see?? All my folders, nice and neat. (Sorry about the Pendaflex but, well... )

Well, everything's still nice and neat but the new year has passed, so now I have to purge the damn things. And ever since I got back from my Japan trip, I really started slacking. And now my Next Action list has become a list of tasks and sub-projects instead of discrete next actions. How embarrassing! And while I'm all caught up with runway-level stuff, I'm neglecting 10,000 feet stuff.

And 30-50,000 feet? Forget about it.

I tried, though! I started managing my lists with Remember the Milk. I became addicted to sites like Lifehacker and 43Folders.

Sadly, this had unintended consequences, most of them involving Google Reader and Merlin Mann.

Christ, Merlin Mann.

How am I supposed to get anything done if that man keeps creating??

But, times are changing. Gina's retired. Merlin Mann's extended his Twitter break. LOST doesn't start for another week.

I even took those plastic folders you recommended to capture stuff during my travels.

And boy, did I capture.

So now, I'm up. It's early. I've got coffee. I've got Baroque music is playing on the internet radio. There are new batteries in my labeler and GTDFast on my iPod. Copies of Getting Things Done and Ready for Anything are on my desk (but NOT in a pile, otherwise I grow numb to them).

I'm ready.

Anything else?

OK.  Seven Hail Marys.

And, what's that?  You have a new book, too??

Thank you, David Allen.

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