Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ponyo's On Her Way To America

Looks like Japan's favorite super-cute fish-girl-thingy is finally making its way to the U.S.

(You can also watch the US trailer for Ponyo in High Definition on Apple)

I really enjoyed seeing this when I was back in Japan last year. (Although my Japanese must be really rusty because I don't remember the whole "Ponyo needing to save the world" part.) Quite the voice cast Disney's assembled for this! (FRANKIE JONAS!!)

What's really interesting to me is the Ponyo theme was such a major part of the advertising campaign in Japan (to the point of making your ears bleed) yet, here in the States, you can barely hear a few notes of the theme played on a muffled xylophone (in a passing car with the windows rolled up) at the end of the preview.

I'm OK with that.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shatner? Shatner. Shatner!

I have a feeling it's probably awful but A+ for concept:

It's Shatner VS Shatners!

William Shatner? William Shatner. WILLIAM SHATNER!!! It's the first ShatnerCon with William Shatner as the guest of honor! But after a failed terrorist attack by Campbellians, a crazy terrorist cult that worships Bruce Campbell, all of the characters ever played by William Shatner are suddenly sucked into our world. Their mission: hunt down and destroy the real William Shatner.

Featuring: Captain Kirk, TJ Hooker, Denny Crane, Rescue 911 Shatner, Singer Shatner, Shakespearean Shatner, Twilight Zone Shatner, Cartoon Kirk, Esperanto Shatner, Priceline Shatner, SNL Shatner, and - of course - William Shatner!

No costumed con-goer will be spared in their wave of destruction, no redshirt will make it out alive, and not even the Klingons will be able to stand up to a deranged Captain Kirk with a lightsaber. But these Shatner-clones are about to learn a hard lesson...that the real William Shatner doesn't take crap from anybody. Not even himself.

It's Shatnertastic!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Back to the Future Courthouse Wedding Cake!

Take note, potential future Mrs. Matt Herolds...

(via /Film)
"...Tony J got married a couple weeks ago, and his wedding featured a new Back to the Future-inspired wedding cake. But this time around, its not an edible DeLorean, but instead Hill Valley’s courthouse square. The cake was designed by Caryn’s Cakes in Atlanta, and the Clock Tower is made out of red velvet cake."

I don't want to say there's a test for true love, but this woman passed it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

IMBD? Me??

Check this out: Matt Herold


And I have no idea why, but my STARmeter is up 227% from last week.

I'm guessing it's because I rule.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

DeLorean Biopic!

James Toback And Brett Ratner Move Forward With DeLorean Biopic (via /Film):
"Most film fans now know the name DeLorean thanks to Back to the Future, but there was a point where the entrepreneur was a headline-making designer. There’s a reason that the 9000 produced DeLorean cars are an iconic symbol of the ’80s. Well, two reasons: in addition to making a wild-looking car, John DeLorean allegedly trafficked drugs to generate cash for his struggling company. (He beat the charges; the ‘trafficking’ was actually an elaborate entrapment scheme.)"
Women + DeLorean = Hot
Octane Talks About The DeLorean
Chuck Versus The DeLorean