Sunday, January 11, 2009

Major Shrinkage

Went and watched Seattle's Resolution Run and Polar Bear Dive on the 1st.

Resolution Run and Polar Bear Dive, 2009
Those people are nuts.

It's the new year: Let's go jump in the lake
(via Seattle Times Newspaper):
"A plunge into slate-gray, 42-degree Lake Washington might not be everyone's way to celebrate the new year, but for hundreds of runners Thursday, it was just the thing.

'We are capitalizing on the fact that people are nuts,' said Bill Roe, an originator of the 2009 5K Resolution Run and Polar Bear Dive for Club Northwest, a runners club founded in Seattle in 1972. 'We were looking for ways to reinvigorate the race,' Roe said. 'Attendance was down to around 300, so we added a polar-bear plunge. People said we were crazy.'

But that seemed to be just the right idea."
And if you check out picture number 6 in their photo gallery, you can see my silhouette just behind the guy with the hat.

Uploaded a few of my own pictures to my (finally being utilized) flickr page:

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