Monday, January 26, 2009

Geo-tastic Creepiness

Recently, I've been trying to make myself rather available to John and Jane Q. Public what with this blog and The Twitter and The Flickr and The Facebook and all. It's been quite a big step for a recluse private person like me but I think I've been fairly cautious.

Which is why I doubt I'll be getting an iPhone anytime soon...

I Am Here: One Man's Experiment With the Location-Aware Lifestyle:
"To test whether I was being paranoid, I ran a little experiment. On a sunny Saturday, I spotted a woman in Golden Gate Park taking a photo with a 3G iPhone. Because iPhones embed geodata into photos that users upload to Flickr or Picasa, iPhone shots can be automatically placed on a map. At home I searched the Flickr map, and score—a shot from today. I clicked through to the user's photostream and determined it was the woman I had seen earlier. After adjusting the settings so that only her shots appeared on the map, I saw a cluster of images in one location. Clicking on them revealed photos of an apartment interior—a bedroom, a kitchen, a filthy living room. Now I know where she lives."

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