Monday, January 12, 2009

Meet the Japanese Obama

I like that the Japanese Obama looks about as convincing as my Doc Brown.

Meet the Japanese Obama
"The Japanese Obama strides with aplomb into the Hyde Park Hair Salon, the barbershop at 53rd Street and Blackstone Avenue where the real Obama has gotten haircuts for the last 14 years. Two cameramen in dingy sweaters trail behind.

He meets Zariff, Obama's personal barber. Zariff—he goes by just the one name—is an affable, handsome man with, naturally, impeccable hair.

The cameras capture this attempt at conversation:

Japanese Obama: 'Ehh, Obama ... cut?'

Zariff: 'Yup.'

'Where, ehh, Obama, ehh, chair?'

'Right here.'

'This ... Obama ... chair?!'

Here, the Japanese Obama turns into a man-child. In his country's style of comedy, which favors physical slapstick over wry wit, the Japanese Obama's eyes bulge and his eyelids blink with comedic purpose. He lets out a wooooooh! with an upward intonation—a sound halfway between boyish wonder and insane outburst.


The Japanese Obama falls to his knees, bows at the very chair where the real Obama received a haircut from Zariff six days earlier, and kisses the seat, each smack of the lips audible and wet."
An Englishman in Osaka edited down a video of the event and gives an excellent play-by-play over at his blog:

"Mr. Obama... home?"

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