Tuesday, July 1, 2008

5 (Free!) Ways to Make Vista a Bit Less Sucky

Well, it's official. XP is no longer being made.

So, as we wait for the next big upgrade from Microsoft, here are five little (free!) programs that helped make my copy of Vista a bit more tolerable.  In no particular order:

1. TeraCopy - Ever want to pause in the middle of copying a large file? Now you can.

2. Rocket Dock - A Mac-style app launcher that really helps keep stuff off your desktop.

3. Taskbar Shuffle - Rearrange the open programs in your taskbar by dragging and dropping.

4. CCleaner - Clean up after your web browsing. Also includes a great way to uninstall programs.

5. Switcher - an Exposé-like application swticher. Sweet, sweet eye candy.

And if you have 2 monitors, you should definitely get DisplayFusion.

Or, you could just buy a Mac...

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