Friday, June 27, 2008

Oil Companies: Exploring New Ways to Annoy People

Explain this one to me:

I have credit card from an oil company.
(I probably shouldn't say the name, but I guess I could say the initials: B.P.)

The credit card gives a 5% rebate on gas purchased at B.P. stations.

Gas prices suck (and I'm surprisingly cheap) so I decided to use said credit card.

There are no B.P. stations in Seattle but there is AM/PM, which is owned by B.P.

I like AM/PM because:
  1. their gas is always the least expensive in the area
  2. they remind me of Japan
  3. it's easy to spell
So, I went to AM/PM.

AM/PM only takes cash or debit card.

Which means that, basically, I can get a great rebate when I use a credit card at a place... that doesn't take credit cards.

Somewhere an oil executive is laughing.

That's it. I'm switching to a different kind fuel...

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