Monday, July 28, 2008

Nike+ Receivers: Disposable No More!

It does seem a bit counter intuitive to follow up a post about the death of the cassette with a post about iPods but this information was much too useful not to share. As you know, I love the Female Spoken Feedback voice Nike+ iPod so it's nice to see that, with a little ingenuity and a few supplies, the product doesn't have to be so disposable.

Replace battery in Nike receiver for under $5
My Nike+ receiver recently died and after looking around the web I found that they wanted $20 to replace it! So instead, contrary to what others on the web seemed to say, I took it apart and found the process very simple and it only took 10-15 min. and a $4 dollar battery.

Sharp knife
Pliers (optional, but handy)
Small philips screwdriver
CR2032 Battery
Electrical tape
Crazy glue
That's SO much better than what I used for my first attempt:

Replace battery in Nike receiver for under $5 [via Lifehacker via Podophile]

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