Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Great Day For Blogging

It was cloudy and I drank too much coffee.

Anyway, aside from knocking out a handful of new posts, I finally got around to finishing my post on what this blog is about.

Also, I made some changes to the layout today. Originally, I had all of my tags in a list. Like so:

But the list was getting pretty long so, as you can see, I've changed it into a "Label Cloud". The bigger the word, the more posts in that topic. The whole "cloud" takes up less space and is pretty cool looking.

At least I think so. What do you prefer? Am I compromising functionality? (Am I talking to myself?)

There's a lot more I'd like to put in the sidebar but it's already rather lengthy. Eventually, I'll try and add a third column to help balance the blog out a bit but, well... don't pressure me.

There're only so many cloudy days.

[Special thanks to phydeaux3 for the code.]

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