Monday, July 28, 2008

Consistantly, Belatedly Cool

I do have a bone to pick. The following quote from the article in the last post got me thinking:

Despite these efforts, Nadia never became a big reader. Instead, she became obsessed with Japanese anime cartoons on television and comics like “Sailor Moon.” Then, when she was in the sixth grade, the family bought its first computer.
Back in the early 90's - when grunge was king and cassettes were still available at Tower Records - I was quite literally the only guy in my dorm with a computer in his bedroom. (My PC was a glorious Packard Bell with Windows 3.11 for Workgroups. RIP.) People couldn't seem to understand why I needed to own a computer and, as can be expected when people encounter things they don't understand, they mocked me.

Mocked me, I tell you!

I was also one of only a handful of people on campus (perhaps, in the world) with an email address (which I actually had to go the the basement of the science department to sign up for). Back then, I was a nerd. Plain and simple.

Now?  Everyone's got a computer and everyone's online. It's perfectly cool.

In middle school and high school, I used to read comics. Then, I was a nerd. Now, all the cool kids read comics. (And since when did making a movie based on a comic become something the studios actually wanted??)

WHAT is the DEAL with all of the stuff I liked as a kid becoming something people no longer had to be ashamed of??

Well, if past is prologue, then expect to see people getting really into Japan and anal-retentiveness.

You're welcome.

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