Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Lone Wooter

So, I just got back from the gym. (Not that anyone would notice.)

I went thinking I was going to do one of the 20-minute "Express Strength" classes that they have on Monday nights. After that, I'd knock out a few chapters of the new David Sedaris book while cranking out a couple a' miles on one of their stationary bikes. (I've gotta get it shape. Before you know it, it'll be bikini season. I think, here in Seattle, that falls on August 23rd. From noon to 5:30.)

Anyway, it turns out, today's not Monday. It's Wednesday. Group cycling night. (I really need to look at my calendar more.) So, I group-cycled.

Well, I wanted exercise, I got it. And now I'm exhausted so I guess it worked.

Three things:
  1. My instructor kinda looked like Courtney Love. (Less in her "People vs. Larry Flynt" stage and more in her "People vs. Courtney Love" stage.) Not that that's bad or anything but it just wasn't what I'd expected for an aerobics instructor. I think she chose this look to fool people into taking her class. "How hard can it be?" you think, "Look at her. She looks like Courtney Love." She then proceeds to kick your ass.
  2. Aerobics instructors are allowed to make a lot of noise. It's their job. Also, I realize that, in a large class, sometimes the people exercising get really into it and will offer up a "woot" or a "yahoo" of their own. But, when only one person keeps doing it in a class of 8, otherwise silent, people, it's a little weird. At one point, I swear she trying to call a pig.
  3. Is it just me, or did they pick all of the wrong songs from the 80's to make into techno remixes?

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