Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I am one ugly Asian

Over at the University of St Andrews, they seem to have more free time than I do. So they've created a "face transformer" and named it (quite appropriately for this website) Face... of the FUTURE!

So, strictly for the sake of research, I uploaded my profile picture (which I had originally taken with my cell phone after the Hair/Makeup staff did a particularly bad wig alteration) and here are some of the results.

First, East-Asian Doc:

That expression looks like the one people give in martial arts films right after taking a kick to the face.

Two other nationalities available include Afro-Caribbean and West Indian:

I like how West Indian Doc turned out.

How about Japanese?

Or some classical portraits of Doc (El Greco and Botticelli):

The cool thing about the last one is that it also gave me the body of a Degas. (End obscure Robert Downey, Jr. reference.)

Now, how about "Doc: The Early Years"?

Baby Doc is somewhat disturbing but the other ones are pretty cool.

I also really like the old Doc (who looks similar to Ape-Man Doc):

Finally, drunk Doc:

Also known as "The Nolt".

It takes a few seconds for each transformation but, once you've done them all, you can cycle through them which I found way more fun than I'd care to admit.

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