Sunday, June 8, 2008

7 killed, 10 injured in Akihabara stabbing spree

Violent crime is so rare in Japan.

I remember when I first arrived there in 2003, a Japanese girl I was dating and I were walking through Osaka after dark and I cautiously followed her as she strolled, without hesitation, under an unlit bridge, something I would feel weird doing in the safest of neighborhoods here in the U.S.

It would take a while to get used to it but, once I did, I can say that I've never felt safer than I did during my time in Japan.

And, aside from the depressingly high number of suicides, it seemed like the worst crimes that were reported in the paper involved graffiti and vandalism.

So that's what makes stuff like this all the more shocking...

7 killed, 10 injured in Akihabara stabbing spree
(via The Japan Times Online)
"Seven people died and 10 others were injured after a man hit pedestrians with a truck and then stabbed passersby Sunday in broad daylight on a street in Tokyo's busy Akihabara district."

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