Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Survived It

Family left this afternoon.

What a week. Depending on who you ask, it went great or it was a disaster. Personally, for the most part, I enjoyed it and thought, considering the circumstances (and finding out about Everywhere), it went well. We saw a lot, did a ton and I didn't have to pay for food. Life is good.

Sure, there were tensions but I probably won't bore you with the details or risk upsetting those involved. I may do a posting or two about some of the more light-hearted stuff (including a post on how I've earned my place on the "Terrorist Watch List" by taking pictures of a wind sculpture) but I'll probably just save all of the juicy family-related stuff for a David Sedaris-like collection of essays which will help me save money on therapy (and destroy my chance at an inheritance).

Anyway, back to reality.

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