Thursday, August 14, 2008

Finally Getting Organized

Now that I'm feeling pretty comfortable with Remember The Milk, I've been going through my piles of old To Do lists and consolidating them.

I recently went through a folder full of To Do lists from my time in Japan (told you I kept everything) and it was such a relief because nearly everything on those lists was either finished or no longer valid.

Aside from this whole process making me feel really organized, I'm also getting the added bonus of feeling the accomplishment of actually throwing out old To Do lists. Until recently, that was rarity. I never got to throw To Do lists out because, well... I never finished them.

Turns out it was because my To Do lists usually looked something like this:
  1. buy milk
  2. write book about Japan
  3. solve world hunger
  4. buy eggs
Alas, while I may get 1 and 4 done, the list itself would never be done thanks to 2 and 3.  And those unfinished things would linger in the back of my mind and my "To Do" list would never get thrown out.

Well, according to Getting Things Done, it turns out those items are "projects" which need to be broken down in small actionable items and then THOSE items should be on my "To Do" lists based on context (errands, at the computer, etc.)  Makes sense!

I'll keep you guys updates on how it all goes...

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