Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day Two

Good day yesterday.

Finished editing the hardest sequence of a "Doc Brown in Seattle" video I'm making for my old coworkers in Japan. (I'll post the video once I'm finished.) Worked on my computer for a while. Jogged, exercised, swam in Green Lake.

Afterwards, I sat on beach chair in the shade and brainstormed up a list of all of the fun, non-work related things I want to do during my Japan trip (may post the list soon as well). Aside from getting me even more excited about this trip, it gave me what, I think, is a pretty good idea for an article. "10 fun/exciting/disturbing things you can do in Japan to impress your friends". Title could use some work but you get the idea. Started brainstorming on that and have pretty much written most of the article. Very cool.

Treated myself to some Mexican food before spending the evening reminding myself how to use Remember The Milk. Got a lot of help from this really good article (via the RTM blog) about integrating David Allen's Getting Things Done into the program. I've been doing all of my To Do lists with pen and paper and, well... I've just got so many lists and folders, I've grown numb to them.

So, I'm going to give this a shot. If you're not familiar with Remember The Milk, it's an online To Do List manager. Because it's online, I can check it from any computer (even my phone) which is great but, I'm still warming myself up to the idea having everything strictly online.

Fortunately, the programs allows me to create Smart Lists to narrow down my tasks to specific criteria and then just print it out. Eventually, I plan on installing Google Gears so that I can use RTM offline but one thing at a time. I'll let you know how it goes!

OK. I'm going to do a bit more writing then it's time to dive back into the "Collection" phase. And drink a lot of coffee. And ignore the sunshine.

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