Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Doc and Marty Make the Top 100!

Empire Magazine recently included Marty McFly and Doc Brown in their list of the "100 greatest movie characters":

#39. Marty McFly

"Nobody calls me chicken!"

Played By: Michael J. Fox
Film: Back to The Future 1-3

Why He's On The List: Goddamn, but Marty McFly is cool. Ace guitarist, ace skateboarder, world-class slacker, hot girlfriend, hangs around with a daffy old boffin without inviting the interest of Operation Ore, travels through time in a DeLorean, manages to make his teenage mum fall in love with him, reunites his parents, inspires a teen band - yep, his mojo is working, and then some. Played by any other actor - say, Eric Stoltz - and you might hate the little bugger, but with Michael J. Fox working his cheeky chappy charm to the full, that's not an option.

Finest Hour: Marty gets carried away during Johnny Be Goode


#76 Dr. Emmett Brown

"Great Scott!"

Played By: Christopher Lloyd
Film: Back To The Future 1-3

Why He's On The List: The white hair may be standard issue mad scientist, but Doctor Emmett Brown, creator of the flux capacitor and a man incapable of normal social interaction because his head is too busy buzzing with ideas, is a genuinely likeable creation, a world away from stereotypes. So much so that, when he gets shot by Libyans ten minutes in, we're sad even though we've only just met the man. And joyous again when we meet his younger self. Now that's acting.

Finest Hour: "1.21 gigawatts!" The young Doc's spazz-out when he hears the full extent of the energy needed to send Marty back to the future is a sight to behold.
While I'm glad they are both (deservedly) in the top 100... only 76 for Doc?? Really?? Especially considering that 75 is Marge Gunderson.



Look, I liked Fargo. And nothing personal Frances McDormand. But "Marge Gunderson" just doesn't have the name recognition of Doc Brown.

You betcha.

Oh, and implying that Doc was a pedophile is just plain wrong.

(But I will give them credit for not making Vito Corleone number 1. Tired of seeing "The Godfather" at the top of every movie list.)

White Goodman?? Brick Tamland?? #$@%& JUNO???

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