Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chilli And Soul

Speaking of radio, my friend and former USJ co-worker, Gene Shill, is currently being featured on triple j's Unearthed. I was a big fan of triple j radio when I lived in Australia so it's cool to see Gene on their site. (Good on ya!)

Aside from having titles which make me pine for Japan ("Hep 5 Lights", "Chuo Line"), his songs have a downtempo lounge-feel (think Jamiroquai mixed with Thievery Corporation) and his new single "You Could Be My Girl" feels like some jazzy Hilltop Hoods. (Hey, I only know so much Australian hip-hop...)

So, if you're up for some new music, click over and download three of his singles. (I'm a big fan of "Shinsaibashi".) If you like it, you can hear more on his MySpace page.

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