Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Best-Selling Author Michael Crichton Dies

This was certainly unexpected.

Best-Selling Author Michael Crichton Dies, "Jurassic Park" Author And "ER" Creator Succumbs To Cancer. He Was 66. - CBS News: "(CBS)
Best-selling author and filmaker [sic] Michael Crichton died unexpectedly in Los Angeles Tuesday, after a courageous and private battle against cancer, according to a statement released by his family. He was 66.

Crichton is best known as the author of 'Jurassic Park' and the creator of 'ER.' His most recent novel, 'Next,' about genetics and law, was published in December 2006."
While I can't say that I've read any of his more recent books, Michael Crichton's early work has certainly played a major role in my life. Crighton wrote Jurassic Park, which brought to life Alan Grant, one of the characters I played in Japan (despite my not looking anything like Sam Neill). Also, his book Travels was a huge influence on me when I returned from Australia (and still, in my opinion, has the best opening line ever).

I'm sorry to hear that he's left us so early.

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