Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, BC & GT!

On a dreary, gray afternoon exactly a year ago today, I did my very first post here. (Has it really been a year already??) See this blog's rather unspectacular start here.

In honor of today, I went back and checked out some of my old posts. Here are a few (ordered chronologically) that had the unique combination of being predominantly original content and not entirely sucking:
And of course, there's always my historic live blogging of the 53rd anniversary of Marty going back to the future (starting here).

Speaking of anniversaries, another interesting thing about today's date that I don't think I realized when I first created this blog is that it's also the anniversary of my last day in the U.S. before heading to Japan back in 2003. That's right, tomorrow will be the 6th anniversary of my flight to Japan to work at USJ. Crazy.

Anyway, I've been so caught up will putting my book proposal together that I haven't been able to put a lot of time into the blog the past week or so. Polishing up some sample chapters and making an outline is taking longer than I thought it would. But, since I've been reviewing a lot of the stuff I wrote about my first few weeks in Japan, I may post some of the more moderately humorous anecdotal stories onto this blog over the next few days to mark the anniversary of their occurrence.

Stay tuned! And thanks for stopping by.


Unknown said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I look forward to all your new experiences in year 2!

Jolene said...

so u go to Japan????????????????????
back to the USJ?????????????????