Friday, February 27, 2009

Why the Japanese Hate the iPhone

"Besides cultural opposition, Japanese citizens possess high, complex standards when it comes to cellphones. The country is famous for being ahead of its time when it comes to technology, and the iPhone just doesn't cut it. For example, Japanese handset users are extremely into video and photos — and the iPhone has neither a video camera nor multimedia text messaging. And a highlight feature many in Japan enjoy on their handset is a TV tuner, according to Kuittinen."
Japanese phones have forever ruined me on any American phones. Yes, even the iPhone.

And this doesn't help.

UPDATE: OK, Nobuyuki Hayashi (who was quoted in the article) has clarified his view of how the iPhone is doing in Japan. Turns out they like it after all.

And, who am I kidding, I bought an iPhone.

And I love it.

Anyway, total hypocrite.

A finger-swiping, 3G connected hypocrite.

UPDATE II: "72% of the Japan smartphone market"?? Yeah, we take it all back.

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