Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Store Bites The Dust

Bit after noon. At the ryokan, waiting for my clothes to finish drying at the nearby coin laundry.

The news is on and they're displaying maps showing the path of the approaching typhoon which should soon hit Kyushu and destroy large parts of my travel plans.

Still have a bit of a cough but I'm feeling better. Woke up at 6 but let myself keep falling back to sleep.

Went for a jog. Not my old route but large chunks of it. On the way, something I feared I'd seen from the subway on the way home was confirmed. Nagasakiya, my main grocery store, is now a Mega Don Quixote. I peaked in through the glass doors and, what used to be a quiet clothing store (the grocery store was on the basement level), was now full of aisles and aisles Don Quixote crap.

Along with the closure of the Foodland near cast housing and the transformation of the 99 yen store, all of the places I once did my food shopping are gone.

How depressing.

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