Sunday, February 24, 2008

Say, What's A "Blog"?

Computer Matt

 [This post is mostly for my parents and any other family members over the age of 40.]

Hi guys! As you can see, I've started a blog!

So just what is a "blog", you ask?

Well, a blog is a webpage that appears in reverse chronological order. It can be all text, pictures, video or any combination of the three.  In this particular case, all of the text, pictures and videos I post will be about ME!  Not only does this seriously stoke my ego but it also means that there's a very good possibility that I may never have to write another email again!  Bonus!

So, just think of this here webpage as a running "web log" of what's going on in my life.

And, if you put "web" and "log" together, you get "weblog".

And if you drop the "we", you have "blog"! Neat, huh??

("Weblog" was shortened to "blog" because bloggers are inherently lazy. Also, because "webl" and "eblo" just didn't roll off of the tongue.)

Heck, why even YOU could start a blog! (Although, I wouldn't recommend it just yet. I don't need the competition.)

Now, I'm still trying to figure out what this blog will be about (UPDATE: I decided.), but I realize how important it is for me to start blogging.  Why so important, you ask?

First of all, since I am writing a book about my time in Japan, I need to generate what Social Media Experts, as well as a majority of bees, call "buzz".

Also, it was either spend all day setting up my blog or working on my book.

Guess which won?

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