Sunday, February 24, 2008

About The Author

As a result of his nearly 4 years of working at Universal Studios in Japan, Matt Herold is now the world's longest-running Japanese-speaking Doc Brown.

This is quite an achievement considering that, when he was cast in 2002, he neither looked like Christopher Lloyd nor spoke any Japanese whatsoever.

Other roles he played while in Japan included Jurassic Park's Alan Grant (despite his not looking like Sam Neill), Santa Claus (despite his being tall, skinny and entirely unable to properly grow facial hair) and a cowboy ghost (despite his having never been dead. Or a cowboy).

Aside from appearing in Japanese newspapers, magazines and tour books, Matt has also appeared on Japanese TV shows like Matthew Minami's Best Hit TV and Morning Asahi.

This was quite a step up from his work before Japan when his two most notable achievements were being cut out of Oliver Stone's "Any Given Sunday" and appearing in a commercial testifying the greatness of a country music magazine he'd neither read nor had any interest in doing so.

He speaks Japanese well enough to fool people into thinking he's fluent, particularly if the topics are food, robots and time travel.

He is currently writing a book about his time in Japan and spends his little remaining free time teaching kids about science:

Everybody finds his job as a Mad Scientist quite fitting (except for his high school chemistry teacher).

Matt has a sandwich named after him at a deli in Kobe.

He once used the internet to teach himself stickshift so he could drive a DeLorean for his show.

Matt has a Mass Communications degree from the University of South Florida which he really should be doing more with.

He doesn't tan well.

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