Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thumbs up for Universal Studios Singapore

"Universal Studios Singapore's (USS) design team should be applauded for the awesome park they have created on the now even more awesome Sentosa Island.

I had the chance to visit the park for the first time (while it was still in its soft opening stage) a few weeks ago. I have also visited Universal Studios Orlando (USO), Universal Studios Hollywood (USH), Islands of Adventure (IOA) and now, Singapore. I can safely say that although USS isn't as big as Hollywood or Orlando, it holds its own with a style of park I call a 'hybrid Universal'.

The designers of USS have cleverly taken the greatest aspects of the rides from all of the Universal parks and combined them into single, well thought out and planned rides."
Always good to hear that Universal's ventures overseas are doing well.

Now, if only they needed a Japanese-speaking Doc Brown...

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