Sunday, April 5, 2009

Disney Slashes 1,900 Jobs at Domestic Parks

Scary stuff.

(via Los Angeles Times):
"In a sign that the recession is cutting into the Walt Disney Co.'s park business even deeper than originally thought, Disney today said it eliminated about 1,900 jobs at its domestic theme parks through job cuts and attrition.

The entertainment giant in February announced a reorganization of its parks and resorts operation, which it acknowledged would set the stage for job cuts. But it didn't say at the time how many positions would be eliminated. The changes were announced amid falling attendance and expectations that the recession has many more months to run its course. But today's announcement signals that Disney is bracing for an extended downturn in its business as consumers continue to keep their wallets closed."
I'd love to be back performing at a theme park right now but it's not exactly the best time to audition, huh? The good news is that my brother and all of my friends at Disney have survived this round of cuts.

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