Friday, May 30, 2008

The stupid, it burns.

I honestly didn't think it would work.

I had resigned to waiting for the internet version of the Season Finale of LOST but, at around 2 minutes to 9 PM last night, I decided to see if that non-TV TV of mine would somehow pick up ABC. As I flipped through fields of snows, I came across the usual: PBS, the Spanish channel, the religion channel, the Spanish religion channel, ABC, some WB rip-off...

Whoa, whoa, wait... ABC??

Reception wasn't perfect but, sure enough, I could watch LOST in real-time! Since I knew I'd be fairly unproductive over the next 2 hours, I tried to straighten my place up only to find that, when I did certain things - switching off my fan, shutting my bathroom door, breathing too hard - I'd loose the signal. So, I gave myself permission to veg.

I watched it and, while I'm not looking forward to waiting 2 more freakin' years for some resolution, I enjoyed it and at least they've answered a few more questions.

But seriously, did Jack have to die?

OK, I kid, I kid.

Anyway, my inability to move for hours at a time while lounging in front of the television forced me to:
1. be like most Americans.
2. sit through commercials.

As frequent readers of this blog (uh... me) are well aware, I'm not a big fan of American commercials. But, it had been awhile since I'd watched live television and, after having been free for so long from the constant barrage of blatant attempts at coaxing the masses into consumerism, even I started to believe that maybe it all wasn't as bad as I had originally thought.

I was wrong.

As I cringed my way through commercial break after commercial break showing ads promoting fast-food, erection drugs and so many reality shows that I was convinced that Hollywood had more-than-officially run out of ideas, I saw a promo for this...

I Survived a Japanese Game Show has begun shooting in Japan and will premiere TUESDAY, JUNE 24 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) on ABC. This unscripted reality/game show takes an eye-opening, behind-the-scenes look at 10 Americans - many of whom have never traveled outside the United States -- who are whisked away to Japan and compete in the ultimate Japanese game show...with hilarious results. The final winner will take home $250,000.

Guiding the American players through their stay in Japan will be Host/Interpreter Tony Sano (Spring Break in Japan, Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight), an American actor who is fluent in Japanese; a house mother and resident pot stirrer, Mamasan; and the witty Game Show Host Rome Kanda (Pink Panther, Saturday Night Live), who leads the contestants through all of the zany challenges.

The promo even uses The Vapors' "Turning Japanese", which isn't even about Japan. (It's about psycho ex-boyfriends which kinda reminds me of those couples who use "Every Breathe You Take" as their wedding song.)

Seriously, if I'm not excited about this show, I don't know who would be.

The sad part?

I so want Tony Sano's job.

UPDATE: OK, yeah...

I thought "Turning Japanese" was about masturbation, too.


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